With its Sanctuary Maria SS. and the imposing building “il Quadrato” built between 1846 and 1850 as well as its well-known port.
Technically it is a II class port, with two docks, dedicated above all to fishing and commercial activity, the only one with these characteristics present in the upper Ionian area. The main activity is fishing, carried out by a fleet that has about 150 fishing boats and vessels.
The port is also home to one of the most important fish markets in the south. It is currently having a great evolution as a tourist port, in which, at certain times of the year, cruise ships arrive to let passengers visit the area. The surface of the port basin is 1.3 million square metres, the overall extension of the port squares is 270,000 m² with a depth of the seabed that reaches 12 m. For those who love the sea and walks in any season of the year there is the seafront of Schiavonea with a cycle path (in summer there are discos, rides and markets), where the famous fairs are organized on May 1st and November 1st every year.